Don't Worry About the Economy.

Get an Inflatable Canoe!

You'll feel better.  Here are ten reasons why:

1. Inflatable canoes, kayaks and rafts provide more fun-per-pound and fun-per-dollar than anything else that floats, and most things that don’t.  

 2. “Inflatable canoes….are serious boats for serious boaters,” say the serious folks at   I have no idea what that means, but it sounds good. 

 3.  Practically unsinkable.  Well, within reason of course.  But new self-bailing, super-buoyant, puncture-resistant, miracle-of-modern-chemistry inflatable rafts (and kayaks, and canoes) can withstand a lot of stupidity.  

 4.  We hope that didn't sound insulting.  We just mean that even if you've never floated anywhere in anything before, you'll probably be fine.   

 5. The great thing is, it's really a much shorter learning curve to get the feel of paddling inflatable kayaks or canoes, compared to hard shell boats.  You can probably skip the lessons in the YMCA pool and just head for the real water.  Flat or steep. 

 6.  They're easy to transport.  For lots of inflatable enthusiasts this is the key advantage over hard shell boats.  A high quality, lightweight inflatable canoe can easily be stored in your car trunk.  Or in a duffel bag.  Or even a backpack.  And that opens up a world of possibilities.

 7. Paddling safaris (see above).  Packrafting (see above).  Foot pumps (essential). 

 8. Inflatables are amazingly versatile.  You see that a lot in the promo lit, and it’s true.  Not that any one boat fits all needs—though with a good (and relatively cheap) inflatable canoe or kayak you can do a lot.  But for practically any boating  need or niche—from family fun to expedition paddling—you’ll now find a host of great inflatable options. 

 9. For example: Open shell inflatable canoes.  Single and tandem inflatable kayaks.  Multipurpose inflatable rafts.  With seats. With sails.  With motor mounts.  High performance whitewater catarafts.  Portable dive platforms.  Lightweight but rugged fly-in fishing or hunting craft.   Semi-rigid sea kayaks.  Ultralight rafts for backpacking and trekking.  All inflatable!

 10. And all delightfully affordable. Here are some examples

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